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2023 is the eighteenth year of Astero.
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This Week: Utah Carmelite Fair, BEO Cultural Day, Seattle Hybrid Film Screening

A18.01 Euskara Classes Deadline, San Francisco Hike, Ascona Mus Tournament
A18.02 Utah Dinner & Dance, Herri Txiki Amerika Handi, Upcoming Mus, Reno Installation
A18.03 BEO Shcolarships, EJ Grant Results, Kern Co. Mus, Mendiko Lunch & Meeting
A18.04 Ateak Ireki, Santa Ageda, Ontario, Oregon Event, Yuba Chorizo Contest
A18.05 Big Horn Mus, Translation Conference, Pintxo Pote NY, NABO Winter Meeting
A18.06 Euzkalunak Mus, Euskal Kazeta, Jon Bilbao Fellow, Kern County Dinner, SFBCC 41st
A18.07 EuskarAbentura, Txoko Ona Mus, Texas WWII State Resolution
A18.08 UNR Conference, Bertso Afaria, Chino Lunch, Fresno Mus, Udaleku 2023
A18.09 Mountain Home Mus, Udaleku 2023, Dance Events in Boise
A18.10 Elko Sheepherder's & Mus, Bertsolaritza in San Francisco, Texas WWII Resolution
A18.11 BEO Mus, Gardnerville Mus, NABO Bertso Saioa, Convention Booklet Ads
A18.12 Dance Lessons Buffalo, Kinku Zinkunegi Bizi Emankorra, Euskara Irakasleen Topaketa
A18.13 Grant Justification, Palm Sunday in SF, Seattle Spring Events, Reno Mus and Potluck
A18.14 Arborglyph Collaborative, Pilota Camp, Chino Mus, Gooding Dinner
A18.15 Utah Living Traditions, Laxalt Recital, Jon Rahm Wins Masters
A18.16 BEO Screening/Scholarships, Susanville Mus, Las Vegas Mus, Los Banos RSVP
A18.17 Anniversary of Gernika Bombing, School for Equality, Santa Rosa Mus
A18.18 EHko Dantzari Eguna, School for Equality, Fresno Festival, Sheepherders Festival
A18.19 Iparreko Ibarra Mus, Kanaldude Mus Casting Call, NABO Convention Los Banos
A18.20 NABO Convention Los Banos Picnic, Txerriki & Gateau Contest, San Francisco Picnic
A18.21 BEO Scholarship, Juliet Campos, Symposium, Kern Festival, New President, Ontario Mus
A18.22 Boise Pilota Camps, Gooding Monthly Dinner, Recap of 2023 Convention
A18.23 M. Durquet Photography, Winnemucca Festival, NABO 50th T-Shirt
A18.24 NABO Mus Finals, SFBCC Father's Day Lunch
A18.25 Utah Picnic, Pilota Camp, NABO Mus Finals, Txoko Ona San Juan
A18.26 Ateak Ireki, Bertso Videos, Elko Festival, NABO President in EH, Oinkari EH Tour, Southern California Festival, Udaleku T-Shirts
A18.27 Edurne Arostegui Presentation, Gooding Picnic, Reno Festival
A18.28 Ateak Ireki Ends, BEO Scholarships, Kantari Eguna, Udaleku 2023
A18.29 San Inazio, 2023 Basque Government Grants, Udaleku 2023
A18.30 Aita Antton, Euskal Lagunak Picnic, Gooding Dinner, Seattle Picnic
A18.31 SFBCC Udako Besta, Bertsolaritza, Ikastola Anniversary, Kantari Eguna, Udaleku T-Shirts
A18.32 Udako Besta, Euskara Classes, Big Horn Picnic, Colorado Picnic, Entering Ely, Nevada
A18.33 Udako Besta Gateau Contest, Chino Picnic, Colorado Picnic, Basque Government Grant
A18.34 Chino Picnic, Diaspora Day - September 8th, Gaztemundu 2023
A18.35 BSU Conference, Diaspora Day, Gaztemundu 2023, Santa Rosa Festival
A18.36 Concert at BCC, Euskaldunak Quebec Festival, Douglass Novel, Reno Fall Picnic
A18.37 Utah Carmelite Fair, BEO Cultural Day, Seattle Hybrid Film Screening

Previously, NABO communicated via Hizketa newsletter. Astero, meanwhile, is not a regular Basque news service; if that is what you seek visit Basque News Sources. There is also Euskal Etxeak Digitala, a Basque and Spanish bilingual bulletin.The focused objectives of Astero are to communicate news and information of the Basque-American & Canadian community in English and to highlight an item or two of interest to Basque-Americans on a weekly basis. The hope is that you will find this beneficial. On Egin--Enjoy!



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