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2021 is the sixteenth year of Astero.
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This Week: San Inazio Mass, San Inazio Festival, Grant Budget, Foku Musikala

A16.01 BMCC Calendar, SFBCC Fundraiser, Campaign to Save Taix Restaurant
A16.02 Los Banos Drive Thru Dinner, ASBCC Axoa Lunch, EuskarAbentura
A16.03 Basque Soccer Friendly, Foku Musikala, Jaialdi, Udaleku
A16.04 Film of the month, NABO Spotify, Winter Meeting
A16.05 Artzai Ona, Chino Basque Club, SFBCC, Eusko Etxea of New York
A16.06 Basque Museum, Jon Bilbao Fellowship
A16.07 Carnival in Eibar, Foku Musikala, The Escape Miniseries
A16.08 Basque-American Artists on Spotify, Basque Country-USA Workshop
A16.09 Virtual Cooking Class, B. Echeverria Book Presentation, SFBCC Restaurant
A16.10 Etxepare Book Series, Agur Etxebeste Film, Winter NABO Meeting
A16.11 Basque Government Grants for Dire Need, Winter 2021 NABO Meeting
A16.12 Big Horn Basque Club, Foku Musikala
A16.13 Basque Government, Basque Museum Benefit, Easter Mass, Basque Derby
A16.14 Kern County Food Fair, Fresno Mus, Netflix Petition
A16.15 Utah Fundraiser, Eusko Etxea, Grant Reminder, Gernika Play, Cooking Class
A16.16 BMCC & Ikastola Auction, Boiseko Taupada, EESPM, Spotify, Eighth Province
A16.17 Fresno Picnic Mass, Foku Musikala, Kontatu, Pierre Etcharren 80th
A16.18 Euzkaldunak Dinner, New Basque Citizenship, Postgraduate Program, Burns, OR Mass
A16.19 Artzai Ona, Basque Museum Youth Art Contest, Gorka Aulestia, Doxa
A16.20 BEO Scholarship, Rafael Anchia Michelena Interviw, Ikerbasque Positions
A16.21 Bakersfield Mass, Euskal America Shirts, Kantari Eguna
A16.22 SFBC Mass, Euzkaldunak Dinner, NY Screening, SFBC Mus
A16.23 Winnemucca Mass, Elko Festival, Mus Tournaments, SoCal Festival
A16.24 Basque Government Grants, Reno Festival, Susanville Mus
A16.25 Sunday Mass, Atipikoa, Basque Club of Utah, Falix Berrueta, Txoko Ona
A16.26 Sunday Mass, BEO Scholarship, Gooding Drive-Thru Dinner
A16.27 BEO Mus, Pantailak Euskaraz, Zoey Bray Exhibit in Maule
A16.28 Mass Gooding & Reno, Reno Festival, July 4th, UPV Workshop
A16.29 Sunday Mass, Reno Basque Festival, UPV Summer Workshop
A16.30 San Inazio Mass, San Inazio Festival, Grant Budget, Foku Musikala

Previously, NABO communicated via Hizketa newsletter. Astero, meanwhile, is not a regular Basque news service; if that is what you seek visit Basque News Sources. There is also Euskal Etxeak Digitala, a Basque and Spanish bilingual bulletin.The focused objectives of Astero are to communicate news and information of the Basque-American & Canadian community in English and to highlight an item or two of interest to Basque-Americans on a weekly basis. The hope is that you will find this beneficial. On Egin--Enjoy!



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