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2018 is the thirteenth year of Astero.
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This Week: Lekuak Exhibit at BSU, National Basque Week in Argentina

A14.01 Eguberri On, Three Kings in Colorado
A14.02 Reno Installation Dinner, EJ Grants, Gaztemundu, Zoey Bray Exhibit
A14.03 Caldwell Dinner Dance, Kern County Mus, Job at Hitza Hitz
A14.04 Michel Mus Madness in Chino, Handia, Explore the Basque Country
A14.05 Chino Mus, Utah Dinner Dance, NABO, San Francisco Anniversary, Xavier Aphessetche
A14.06 Tripota in Gardnerville, Ezkieta's Search for Escapee, Bayonne Ham
A14.07 Ontario, Oregon Event, Basque Government Delegation Visit, Winter Meeting
A14.08 Los Banos Mus & Ladies' Night, Film of the Month, Alan King
A14.09 Udaleku, Eusko Etxea Txotx, Zazpiak Bat Reno Mus, Unanue Raffle
A14.10 Elko Sheepherder's and Mus, Bergon Congerence, Urza Scholarship, Pete Salla
A14.11 Gardnerville Mus, Gaztemundu 2019, EuskarAbentura
A14.12 Chino Junior Mus, Kirmen Uribe Event, Cheryl Echeverria Goian Bego
A14.13 Udaleku Photos, Film of the Month,Korrika 21 Contest, Alphonse Acheritogaray
A14.14 Salt Cod for Silver Symposium, New York Korrika, NABO Euskara
A14.15 Boise Dinner, Santa Rosa Mus, Seattle Dinner, SFBCC Palm Sunday, NABO Mus Finals
A14.16 Aberri Eguna in New York
A14.17 Inner Strength Exhibit, Bizi Emankorra in Chino, Mus in Susanville, Dantza Tour
A14.18 Fresno Festival, Iparreko Ibarra Mus, Kern County T-Shirts, Ontario Mus, Berri Txarrak
A14.19 Song of the Basque 2, Dantza in New York, Film of the Month
A14.20 Los Banos Festival, NABO Convention, Translanguaging Presentation, Berri Txarrak
A14.21 NABO Convention, Basque to the Roots, Fighting Basques Project
A14.22 NABO Mus Finals, NABO Convention, Almond Beer Event
A14.23 Winnemucca Festival, NABO Mus Finals, Dance Workshops
A14.24 Father's Day in San Francisco, Udaleku 2019, Fighting Basques
A14.25New London Basque Fest, Utah Picnic, Diasporaren Eguna
A14.26 Bufflao Living History, Udaleku Performance, Film of the Month
A14.27 Pilota in Chino, Elko Festival, Southern California Festival, Enara Survey
A14.28 Grace Mainvil Scholarship, Running of the Bars, Reno Basque Festival
A14.29 San Inazio Help, Gauden Bat Fundraiser, Kantari Eguna, BEO, Reno Festival
A14.30 San Inazio Boise, Baztandarren Biltzarra, Iker Saitua Lecture
A14.31 Mountain Home Picnic, New England Tasting, Seattle Picnic, Susanville Picon Open
A14.32 Kantari Eguna Gardnerville, Zuretzako Film, Enara Survey
A14.33 BMCC WineFest, Big Horn Picnic, NEBC Basque Fest, Andra Mari in Vancouver
A14.34 SFBCC Jaialdia, Pilota Exhibition, John Etchart Exhibition, Kantari Eguna
A14.35 Chino 51st Annual PIcnic, Honors at SFBCC Jaialdia
A14.36 Santa Rosa, Utah Ziriko, Marin Sonoma, Colorado, Boise Pilota Eskola, Diaspora Day
A14.37 Utah Carmelite Fair, Colorado Picnic
A14.38 Reno Fall Picnic, Gaztemundu 2019
A14. 39 Zoe Bray Exhibit, 7th world Congress of Basque Collectivities
A14.40 Iparreko Ibarra, Fall NABO Meeting, 7th World Congress of Basque Collectivities
A14.41 BEO Basque Cultural Day, International Mus, Los Banos Picnic, NABO Fall Meeting
A14.42 Utah Casino Night, BEO Cultural Day, International Mus
A14.43 Euzkaldunak Morzilla Dinner, NYC Marathon, Film of the Month
A14.44 Jaialdi 2020, San Martin in Reno, Elvira Cenoz Goian Bego
A14.45 Lekuak Exhibit at BSU, National Basque Week in Argentina

Previously, NABO communicated via Hizketa newsletter. Astero, meanwhile, is not a regular Basque news service; if that is what you seek visit Basque News Sources. There is also Euskal Etxeak Virtual, a Spanish online weekly of Basque news, provided by the Basque Government that you can subscribe to at The focused objectives of Astero are to communicate news and information of the Basque-American & Canadian community in English and to highlight an item or two of interest to Basque-Americans on a weekly basis. The hope is that you will find this beneficial. On Egin--Enjoy!




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