Dance Workshops

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We have been fortunate to receive collaboration from the Basque Government in order to bring top dancers, musicians and instructors in their fields from the Basque Country to our Basque Communities. These workshops are generally targeted toward dance group instructors and more advanced dancers.

Because of the limits of how long instructors can take off from work to be here with us, it is impossible for them to visit each club or region. It is important, then, that if your club has a specific interest that it expresses this early in the process of setting up a workshop. Also, we hope that hosting clubs and organizations choose to open up their workshop to all those interested from other clubs and towns.

If you have a particular topic in mind for a future workshop, contact:

Past Workshops

2019 - Workshops with Jexux Larrea

2017 - Bizkaiako Aurresku

2011 - Dance Leaders' Summit

2010 - Arratia

2009 - Baztango Dantzak

2009 - Fandango - Arin arin

2008 - Gipuzkoa






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