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2006 Issues of Astero

A1.00 Astero Begins
A1.01 Our Motto: Recreate + Educate = Perpetuate
A1.02 ETA Announces Cease-fire
A1.03 Chaplain Deaths & End of an Era?
A1.04 Basque License Plate
A1.05 Choosing to Belong: Gaztemundu 2006
A1.06 Aberri Eguna '06: Lehendakari's Message
A1.07 Basque Bookshelf: Mark Kurlansky's Basque History of the World
A1.08 Basque Spelling Debate
A1.09 NABO's Upcoming Events
A1.10 Basque Bookshelf: Bernardo Atxaga
A1.11 Gazteladi: Basque Young Adult Assembly
A1.12 Seven Essentials of a Successful Basque Club
A1.13 Bakersfield Basque Symposium
A1.14 Soka-tira over Picasso's Gernika
A1.15 Oldest Basque Writing, Lehendakari in D.C.
A1.16 That's Not Basque
A1.17 Livin' Large in Nevada
A1.18 Spain to Negotiate with ETA
A1.19 No longer available
A1.20 No longer available
A1.21 NABO Fall Meeting
A1.22 Buffalo Besta '06
A1.23 No longer Available
A1.24 Learning Basque
A1.25 Basque Chefs Tour
A1.26 Hurbil Zaitez: Come Closer
A1.27 Basque Dance University Lectures
A1.28 North American Summit of Basque Organizations of Canada, Mexico and US
A1.29 Jesus Galindez Tribute in New York
A1.30 It's the Moments: '06 Basque Festivals
A1.31 English Ancestors were Basque
A1.32 No longer Available
A1.33 NABO Nevada Weekend Follow-Up
A1.34 Nor-Zer Garen: Member Data
A1.35 Olentzero: The Basque Santa Claus
A1.36 No longer available
A1.37 Top 5 Basque Songs
A1.38 Basque Bookshelf: Kaixo America!

Previously, NABO communicated via Hizketa newsletter. Astero, meanwhile, is not a regular Basque news service; if that is what you seek visit Basque News Sources. There is also Euskal Etxeak Virtual, a Spanish online weekly of Basque news, provided by the Basque Government that you can subscribe to at The focused objectives of Astero are to communicate news and information of the Basque-American & Canadian community in English and to highlight an item or two of interest to Basque-Americans on a weekly basis. The hope is that you will find this beneficial. On Egin--Enjoy!



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