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A13.01 WWII Heroes Calendar, Euskara inSan Francisco
A13.02 Basque Club of Utah Dinner Dance, Kern County Mus, Reno Installation Dinner 
A13.03 Danborrada in New York, Carmelo Urza Scholarship, Basques and Buckaroos
A13.04 Big Horn Meeting, Chino Video and Lunch, Bertsolaritza Evening in Reno
A13.05 SFBCC 36th Anniversary, Euskadi Pilota Federation, 8HZ, Irulegiko Irratia 
A13.06 Tripota in Gardnerville, Wrap-up of Cowboy Poetry 
A13.07 Nancy Trevino, Ontario Basque Club Events, SFBCC Anniversary Weekend 
A13.08 Los Banos Mus, Reno Mus, SFBCC Weekend and NABO Meeting 
A13.09 Udaleku 2018, Sagardo Eguna in NY, Mus and Pintxos in Denver, Mural on Loan
A13.10 BEO Film Series, NABO Filmategi, Mendiko Mus, Writing Contest 
A13.11 BSU Conference, Palm Sunday in San Francisco, Carmelo Urza Scholarship 
A13.12 Grace Mainvil Scholarship, KCBC, N. Y., Chillida in Dallas, Library Position, Zorionak Josie 
A13.13 Happy Easter, EuskarAbentura Program, Seattle Spring Dinner and Mus 
A13.14 Memoria Bizia, Basque Museum Fundraiser, Chino 50th Anniversary 
A13.15 New England Festival, Santa Rosa Mus, Ogi Deli, Martin Hotel in Carson City 
A13.16 Susanville Mus, Denio Dinner, Lehendakari Agirre Center, Family Stay in Arantza 
A13.17 Ontario Mus, NABO Mus Finals, Film of the Month: Gernika 
A13.18 Fresno Basque Festival, Iparreko Ibarra Mus, Los Banos Euskara Success 
A13.19 Seattle Euskal Etxea, SFBCC, Euskal Moneta 
A13.20 Los Banos Festival, Elite Pilota, Gaztemundu 2018, Carmelo Urza Scholarship Winner
A13.21 Bakersfield Festival, 2018 Grace Mainvil Scholarship, Gernika ExhibitTxakoli Fest
A13.22 SFBC Picnic, Pilota at SFBCC, Winnemucca Festival & NABO Convention
A13.23 NABO Mus Finals Results, Txerriki Contest, Film of the Month 
A13.24 New NABO Officers, Recap of 2018 NABO Convention 
A13.25 Basque Government Grants, Euskaltzaindia Conference, Elko Event 
A13.26 Elko Festival, Southern California Festival, Ander Caballero Leaves Delegation 
A13.27 Kantari Eguna, Udaleku, Film of the Month 
A13.28 Oinkari Event, Reno Basque Festival, Udaleku Week 2 
A13.29 San Inazio 2018, Udaleku Final Performance 
A13.30 Mendiko Euskaldun Cluba, Chino Seeks Ads, Hella Basque 
A13.31 Film of the Month, Paul Laxalt, Agorila Music, Hitza Hitz Apparel 
A13.32 Seattle Picnic; Susanville Picon Open; Macachin, Argentina 
A13.33 SFBCC Jaialdia, Colorado Picnic, Diaspora Day 
A13.34 Chino 50th Anniversary, Kern County Special Event, NABO Pilota Finals Results
A13.35 Diaspora Day 
A13.36 Kern County Volunteers Needed, Film of the Month 
A13.37 Carmelo Urza Scholarship, Hotle Heredad de Unanue, Bask in Motion 
A13.38 Picnic in New York, International Mus, Assistant Professor, Diaspora Day Video
A13.39 World Mus, BEO Film Series, 8HZ Program, Rootblue
A13.40 Basque Studies at BSU, Kantari Eguna Los Banos, Iparreko Ibarra
A13.41 Jean Gaztambide, Kantari Eguna, Gernikako Arbola Census, Larraioz Elektronika 
A13.42 Los Banos Basque Club Wekend,, Euskal Herriko Laborantza Ganbara
A13.43 Euskaraldia, Asst. Professor Application Deadlines, Errementari 
A13.44 San Martin in Reno, Film of the Month, Basque-American Election Wins
A13.45 Basque Museum & Cultural Center, 2019 NABO Calendar, Eugene Cachenaut 
A13.46 Basque Delegation Event, Olentzero in Vancouver 
A13.47 Tamborrada, Basque Shopping Resources, International Day of Euskara
A13.48 Lekuak, Christmas Party in Bakersfield, SFBCC Eguberri Besta 
A13.49 Basque Communities in the News, Santo Tomas in New York
A13.50 Boiseko Ikstola, Zimmern List, Children's Book, Bayonne Ham 
A13.51 Eguberri on, Lehendakari's Message
A13.52 Urte berri on, Colorado Three Kings' Celebration

Previously, NABO communicated via Hizketa newsletter. Astero, meanwhile, is not a regular Basque news service; if that is what you seek visit Basque News Sources. There is also Euskal Etxeak Virtual, a Spanish online weekly of Basque news, provided by the Basque Government that you can subscribe to at The focused objectives of Astero are to communicate news and information of the Basque-American & Canadian community in English and to highlight an item or two of interest to Basque-Americans on a weekly basis. The hope is that you will find this beneficial. On Egin--Enjoy!



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