Election of Officers and Chairpersons

The officers of NABO are elected at the annual meeting also known as the NABO convention, which is usually scheduled during the summer months.  Nominations must be done in advance of the annual meeting as nominations from the floor of the annual meeting are not allowed.

The NABO secretary will send a reminder to the NABO delegates three months prior to the annual meeting that nominations for NABO officers are due two months prior to the NABO annual meeting.  Nominations for NABO officers are due to the secretary two months prior to the annual meeting and must include biographical information on the candidate with details on their involvement with NABO and their vision and goals for the organization and for promotion of Basque culture.  The secretary will then send out all the information on the nominees for the NABO officers to the NABO delegates. [Minutes - 2/13/2016]

Current Officers & Chairpersons

Nominations should be sent to two months before our summer Convention meeting. Include:

President & Treasurer

Once a year at our annual Convention (Summer) meeting NABO delegates elect (or re-elect) the President and Treasurer to a one year term. It is requested that 2 months prior to the meeting that the candidate (either self-nominated or nominated by someone else) submit a brief explanation as to why they are seeking the office so as to better inform the voters (e.g., allowing delegates the time to consult their clubs/organizations about the vote). Nevertheless, nominations can be taken from the floor the day of the meeting, at which time a brief explanation is requested. The request of submitting something beforehand is a courtesy for the voting NABO delegates.


There is one automatic vice-president: the previous NABO president. There is no vote on this position. But NABO bylaws allows for numerous vice-presidents as the delegates shall decide. The additional vice-president(s) should also be nominated and state their intent to be a candidate. Again, the request to provide prior notice is a courtesy to the voting NABO delegates.

Committee chairpersons

The President appoints the various chairpersons to a one-year term.


Nominations are collected and voted upon by all the delegates at the Fall meeting; the term of service runs from January through December. Facilitator Application.


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