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Following our operative motto: Celebrate + Educate = Perpetuate, the future of the Basque-American world will largely be decided by what is effectively communicated about the Basques. That is why educational resources are crucial.

John Ysursa Education Chairperson:
John M. Ysursa, Ph.D.



Gurea Cultural Literacy Program

For Basque culture to endure we'll need to find a viable balance between the fun of being Basque (e.g., festivals) and knowing something more about what being Basque is about. That is why N.A.B.O. is following the motto Celebrate + Educate = Perpetuate.

N.A.B.O. has developed the GUREA Cultural Literacy program. Gurea is Basque for "it's ours." This program aims to develop and implement some effective methods to sustain "Basqueness:" Basque culture and identity--something that all of our Basque organizations have a shared interest in developing. It's two major components, in conjunction with the Basque Government, are the Educational Workshops and Entertainment Tours.

NABO Member Organizations primarily dedicated to education:

Basque Educational Organization

Basque Museum and cultural Center

Center for Basque Studies

Basque Studies at Boise State University

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