Basque Government Grant Application

EJDeadline for 2020: 28 February, 2020 (in their office that day)

Deadline to reconcile 2019 grant: 30 June, 2020 - Visit under the menu item"extranet."

Evaluation Criteria (English) | Tips for Applying for Grant (English)

More information is available here, in Basque or Spanish.

The call for 2020 grants, for Basque clubs and federations, has appeared in the Official Bulletin of the Basque Country. These Basque club grants, in support of operating expenses, activities and infrastructure during 2020 enjoy a total budget is (902.300) Euros. The budget is divided in the following way: 664.955 Euros allocated to Chapter IV activities (i.e. operating and activities), and the remaining 102.000 for Chapter VII activities which includes capital improvements to clubhouses and infrastructure. Deadline to apply is February 28, 2020. The Resolution can be found in Basque here; and inSpanish here.


Application model in Spanish
Application model in Euskara

PAPER SUBMISSION. Hardcopy applications must also be submitted in either Spanish or Basque and sent to:

Eusko Jaurlaritzaren Lehendakaritza
Presidencia del Gobierno-Lehendakaritza
Secretaría General de Acción Exterior
Calle Navarra, 2
01007 Vitoria-Gasteiz, Alava
Delegation of the Basque Country in US, Canada and Mexico
820 2nd Ave. Suite 13B
New York, NY 10017

Chapter IV (activities & operation) criteria used to score applications (should consider making clear each point):

1.Enhancing social, economic and cultural relations with the Basque Country, and Basque communities abroad, according to the four-year plan approved by the advisory board (up to 30 points):

a) Relations with other Basque Clubs in the area (max. 10 points)
b) Relations with the Basque Country (max. 10 points)
c) Relations with Basque Clubs of other countries (max. 10 points)

2. Importance for consolidation or growth promoting internal cohesion (up to 35 points):

d) Number of members (1 point per each 100 members (up to 10 points). 1 point for each group of 25 members under age 35 (up to 5 points) (max, 15 points)
e) Level of programmed activity with regard to the number and size of activities (max. 20 points)

3. History of the club's activites (up to 25 points):

a) Importance of the activities and projection in the local media, public reached (max.10 points)
b) capability (club house, web) to carry out activities (max. 5 points)
c) Level of activities over the last years (max. 10 points)

4. Role of women in programs and actitivies (up to 10):

i) Participation of women in board (max. 5 points)
j) Affirmative action for women (max. 5 points)

5. Viability of presented project (up to 30 points):

a) Economic history including past reconciliations (max. 10 points)
b) Level of self-funding (max. 20 points) based on the following:

Chapter VII (facilitities & infrastructure) criteria to score applications:

1. Importance for conolidation in growth (up to 30 points):

a) Number of members (1 point per 100 members - max. 7.5 points)
b) Activities and cultural outreach (max.7.5 points)
c) Geographical area impacted (max. 7.5 points)
d) Urgent repair and equipment and projects underway (max.7.5 points)

2. Viability of project presented (up to 35 points):

a) Economic history of equipment and construction projects keeping in mind the reconciliation of prior expenses. (10 points)

b) Self funding (max 15 points) as follows:

c) club house (own: 10 points) (rented: 5 points)

3. Degree of necessity and appropratness of project (35 points):

a) degree of necessity of construction or equipment (20 points)

b) degree of appropriateness of budget to cover project with regard to the size of the club (max 15 points)

Reconciliation of Grants

This is carried out on You need to know your username and password. Refer to this document for instructions.





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