Junior Mus

To promote Mus--and by extension--Basque identity NABO initiated a junior Mus program to encourage member clubs to promote the card game--and by extension getting young people together for Basque events.

2019 Tournament

May 2019 - Bakersfield, CA

Gina Espinal Jr. Mus Coordinator
Gina Espinal

Past Winners

2018: Tournament not held due to lack of participants


1st: Alex Vizcay and Ian Vizcay - Anaitasuna of San Francisco
2nd: Marielle Sohondo and Juliette Camou - San Francisco Basque Club

1st Place 2017

2017 Second Place


1st: Elena Duhart and Jeannine Duhart
2nd: Matthew Jaureguy and MArtin Almirantearena



1st: Riley Anema and Kaiet Ysursa
2nd: Jean-Jules Flesher and Pampi Etchechury
Honorable mention: Cecil Laughlin and Bridgette Elquist

2015 Junior Mus

1st: Saioa Laverty & Mikela Laverty (Bakersfield)
2nd: Riley Anema & Kaiet Ysursa (Chino)

Mus Winners 2013

2013:  Elko, NV
1st:  Kaiet Ysursa & Matthew (Chino, CA)
2nd: Devun Beristain & Christian (Las Vegas)

2012:  Elko, NV
1st:  Chino's Riley Anema & Kaiet Ysursa (Chino, CA)
2nd: Ema Meadows & Vincent Kvarna (San Francisco, CA)

2012 Junior Mus

2011:  Buffalo, WY
1st:  Tommy Fieldgrove & Layne Rodriquez - Buffalo, WY
2nd:  Anthony Hummel & Austin Jenkins -  Elko, NV

2011 Junior Mus

2010:  Boise, ID
1st:  Caitlyn Johnson & Jaime Brown (Boise Oinkari)
2nd: Alex & Andrew Goyhenetche (Rocklin)

2009:  Reno, NV
1st: Tori Barrenchea & Gavin Sarratea from Reno, NV
2nd: Patxi and Andoni Shortsleeve from Salt Lake City, UT

2008: Chino, CA
1st Place: Taylor Berterretche & Marcus Helton (Chino, CA)
2nd Place: Jackie & Christina Iriart (So. Cal B.C.)

2007: Winnemucca, NV
1st Place:  Marcel Gaztambide & Patxi Shortsleeve (Utah)
2nd Place:  Danielle Espinal & Fred Alfaro (SF)

2006: Buffalo, WY
1st Place: Gaven Sarratea & Megan Barreneche (Reno)|
2nd Place: Lexi Sabarots & Carina Barajas (Seattle/SLC)

2005: Rock Springs, WY
1st Place: Danielle Espinal & Fred Alfaro (SF)
2nd Place: Megan and Tori Barrenche (Reno)

2004: Bakersfield, CA
1st Place: Martine Idiart & Annette Erdozancy (SF)
2nd Place: Mateo Franzoia & Domingo Leonis (Elko)



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