Euskaletxeak Website Option for Members

EuskaletxeakThe Autonomous Basque Government of Euskadi at their website provides general information of all registered Basque organizations, and also the option of building your own website with added features.

The webmaster for the is Andoni Martin, and he provides the username and password for those who would like to access their club/organization page. You can contact him at 

Once in, you can navigate to your page by clicking on "Basque Clubs in the World" (assuming you clicked the English version of the page), and there in the left column is the "Administrative Management" link. Note that the posting of text and images is possible, but be sure to check what uploads because of the margins of text, and also the resolution of photos. It is recommended that you reduce the size of images to make them fit within the parameters of the page. Most photo software programs offer this option to reduce the size.

If you need further information you can also contact

Eusko Jaurlaritza



Bertsolaritza Videos


Foku Musikala