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Documentaries: Basque American

Amerikanuak (profiles Nevada Basques) Trailer

Artzainak (Profiles Idaho Basques - 2010) Trailer

The Basque Block on the Attitude Adjustment Hour - Watch

Basque Hotel - Watch online on ETB

Basques in the West (profiles western U.S. Basques) Trailer

The Last Link (profiles Basques in Wyoming) Trailer | Purchase DVD

West of the Basques (PBS) Purchase DVD

Zuretzako (2011) Trailer | Purchase DVD

Documentaries: Basque Country

Ipuina Kontatu Trailer

Mystery of the Basques - Video Break by the (2010) Watch

Rick Steves: The Basque Country - Watch

Around the World with Orson Welles (1955) Visit Page

Basque Ball: Skin Against Stone - Julio Medem (2003) Watch

Ama Lur (1968) Excerpt 1 | Excerpt 2

Euskal Telebista

Watch Basque TV online -

Watch Basque Films Online - ETB Zinema Euskaraz

Basque Promo Video Clips

Pamplona-Irunea - watch

Euskadi with Pleasure - watch

A Glimpse of the Basque Country - watch

Depictions of Basques in TV and Films


Disney - Greta the Misfit Greyhound (1963)

Thunder in the Sun (1959)


  amerikanuak (teaser english) from Berde Produkzioak on Vimeo.


Pamplona, me gusta! from 601 Producciones Audiovisuales on Vimeo.








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