Bertso Eskola

BertsoAt the August 2022 NABO Convention delegates approved the implementation of the “Bertsolaritzari Arnasa Berritu Amerikan” (give new breath to Bertsolaritza in America) initiative to preserve, promote and perpetuate our Basque oral tradition in North America. Chaired by Martin Goicoechea, the initiative will consist of an annual international bertso event gathering local and Basque Country performers, periodic local events organized ad-hoc or as part of the Basque picnics and festivals, and a Bertso school. As agreed, we are starting to launch the different initiatives. For instance, the first bertso event will be held in Kantari Eguna in October 2022 in Rocklin and the next in October in Boise.

The Arnas Berri Bertso Eskola will start end of September, opening its doors to all Basques in North America. The classes will be taught in the Boise Basque Center, but students can also participate online. Our plan is to teach a 1-hour class per week, 12 weeks in the fall and 12 weeks in the spring, in line with the Euskara classes calendar. However, we might adjust the length of the academic year and the schedule depending on the students and their constraints. Students need to have a good knowledge of Euskara in order to be able to play with the language (this will not be a Euskara class). Beraz, bertsotan edo kopletan Euskararekin eta Euskaraz jokatzeko gogoa baduzue, Arnas Berri Bertso Eskolan parte hartzera gonbidatu nahi zaituztegu. Izena emateko¬†¬†helbidera mezu bat bidali lehen bait lehen. Eskerrik asko!”


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