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2017 was the twelfth year of Astero. View 2016 Issues | 2015 Issues | View 2014 Issues | View 2013 IssuesBEO Cultural Day, Kern County Sister City Event, Fall NABO Meeting in Quebec

A12.01 Euskara in Boise, Guernica at Redbox, New Year Caroling in Bizkaia
A12.02 Basque Summer School, Laburbira Films, Go Basque Tours
A12.03 NABO Calendar, Danborrada in New York, Korrika 20
A12.04 Kern Mus Results, SFBCC Mus, Big Horn Meeting, Piano Concert
A12.05 Elorriaga Culture Series, Santa Ageda, Chino Mus, John Etchemendy
A12.06 Basque Club of Utah, SFBCC Anniversary, Basque Museum, Tripota
A12.07 NABO Winter Meeting, BMCC New Exhibit, Ontario 70th Annual Dance & Dinner
A12.08 Winnemucca Mus Tournament, CBS Press Titles, Basque Pop Up Dinner in Truckee
A12.09 Publicize Club Events, Reno Mus and Potluck, Basque Sports Dictionaries
A12:10 Las Pelotaris, Elko Sheepherder's Ball, New York, Marin Sonoma, Mountain Home
A12:11 Udaleku Aide Application, Gardnerville Mus, Jauberria, Josie Hidalgo Griffith
A12.12 Chino Basque Club, Condors Basque Night in Bakersfield, Korrika 20
A12.13 Korrika in New York, Bertsolari Screening, Euskalkultura Obits, Perkain Pilota
A12.14 Workshop in Denver, Erramu Eguna, BEO Film Series, NEw England Jai-Aldi, 8HZ
A12.15 Convention Booklet, Udaleku Aide, Easter at Kern Co., Aberri Eguna in NY
A12.16 Gernika Gogoratuz, Seattle Dinner, Susanville Mus, Gernika the Story
A12.17 Los Banos Spring Fair, Ventura Mus, Ontario Mus, Gaztemundu 2017
A12.18 Jai Alai Blues at BEO, Fresno Festival, Etxauzia Campaign
A12.19 Iparreko Ibarra Mus, SFBCC Events, Basque Club of Utah, Save the Dates
A12.20 Chino, Los Banos, New England, Oinkari Sagardotegi, Reno Txakoli
A12.21 Bakersfield Picnic, Euzko Etxea King's Cup, Gaztemundu 2017
A12.22 SFBCC Handball, NABO Mus Finals, Amerikanuak CD
A12.23 Winnemucca Festival, HABE Classics Reading, Basque Whalers, IRA 26 Film
A12.24 2017 Mus Finals, Basque Government Grants, Atera Films
A12.25 Udaleku 2017, Basque Club of Utah Picnic, Basque Government Grants
A12.26 Elko Festival, Southern California Festival, Basque Global Network
A12.27 Udaleku, 39 North Downtown
A12.28 Reno Basque Festival, Errebal, Kilometroak
A12.29 2017 NABO Convention
A12.30 Outgoing President's Message, 2017 NABO Convention, NOKA
A12.31 Incoming President's Message, NABO Convention Photos
A12.32 Kantari Eguna, Junior Mus, Chino Booklet, Susanville Picon Open
A12.33 BMCC Winefest, Seattle Picnic, Arrantzale Eguna in New England, Aspen Carvings
A12.34 International Mus, SFBCC Jaialdia, NABO Pilota Finals, Amerikanuak CD Launch
A12.35 Chino Picnic, NABO Pilota Finals, Berri Txarrak Tour
A12.36 Colorado Picnic, Santa Rosa, Marin-Sonoma, Elko Lunches, Global Mus, Pilota Finals
A12.37 New York Event, Kern County Fair, Reno fall Picnic, Mercedes Mendive CD
A12.38 Veterans Project at BMCC, Genoa Candy Dance, USAC's Carmelo Urza
A12.39 Errebal Survey, BEO Mus fundraiser, Euskaldunak Quebec and NABO Meeting
A12.40 Lagun Onak, New England, Delegation of Euskadi, BSU Call for Papers
A12.41 Grace Mainvil
A12.42 BEO Cultural Day, Kern County Sister City Event, Fall NABO Meeting in Quebec
A12.43 Omenaldia Mass, Sacred Tree Project, WSFH Conference
A12.44 Udaleku 2018, William A. Douglass Center for Basque Studies Anniversary
A12.45 Piano Recital at UNR, San Martin in Reno
A12.46 Peyo Berterretche Mus Tournament, Chino Memorial Mass, NABO Calendar
A12.47 Happy Thanksgiving
A12.48 Los Banos Parade and Party, NEw England Pintxo Pote, World Trinquete Championship
A12.49 Basque Museun, Basque Diaspora Day, Kern County, ENE Award
A12.50 Basque Gift-buying Guide
A12.51 Los Banos Award, Amerikanuak CD
A12.52 Christmas Message from Lehendakari Urkullu

Previously, NABO communicated via Hizketa newsletter. Astero, meanwhile, is not a regular Basque news service; if that is what you seek visit Basque News Sources. There is also Euskal Etxeak Virtual, a Spanish online weekly of Basque news, provided by the Basque Government that you can subscribe to at The focused objectives of Astero are to communicate news and information of the Basque-American & Canadian community in English and to highlight an item or two of interest to Basque-Americans on a weekly basis. The hope is that you will find this beneficial. On Egin--Enjoy!



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