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NABO's Kantari Eguna: Day of Basque Song

At least once a year, NABO co-sponsors a day where Basque song is celebrated. The location alternates between Gardnerville, Nevada's Mendiko Euskaldun Cluba and Rocklin, California's Iparreko Ibarra Basque Club, but goal remains the same: getting people together to sing! Come join the fun! Celebrate + Educate = Perpetuate

Noel Goyhenetche Becky Sarratea-MurphyCo-chairperson:
Noel Goyhenetche (Rocklin)

Becky Sarratea-Murphy (Gardnerville)

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2021 Kantari Eguna


2019 Kantari Eguna

August 10, 2019 in Gardnerville, NV



Moments from Previous Kantari Eguna celebrations:

Urko Menaia

2016 was held in Rocklin, California.

Maurice Negueloua and daughter (left)

MC Martin Etchamendy and Maitexa
Etchamendy (below)


2011 Kantari eguna


Urko Menaia 2011 was held in Gardnerville, Nevada. Their event is held at the CVIC Hall.

Basque singer Urko Menaia (left) gave a special performance as part of NABO's "Gurea" Entertainers tour.

2011 Kantari eguna

photos: Lisa Corcostegui



Mikel MarkezMartikorena






2010 Kantari Eguna held in Rocklin, California featured visiting singers Mikel Markez and Erramun Martikorena as part of NABO's "Gurea" Entertainers tour.


CuruchetYoung and old particpate. Volunteer singers step up to sing their song, and of course Kantari Eguna includes bertsolaritza!





Basque WWII Memorial


Dontate to Basque WWII Veterans Memorial


Ateak Ireki


Foku Musikala