N.A.B.O. TXERRIKI: Pork Fest Contest -

Txorizo, Lukainka & Tripota/Odolkia

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Go Pig or Go Home! The Txerriki Contest entries can include Tripota, Morcilla, Chorizo and Lukainka. The rules: EVERYTHING MUST BE HOMEMADE! (no store bought for these Bascos!) If you are interested in participating please email

Go pig or go home!FOUR CATEGORIES (enter in one or more)
Bring 5 lbs of your homemade:
1) chorizo
2) lukainka (with and without paprika) and/or
3) tripota/morcilla
4) Pate (Pork only)

They will be judged in a blind taste test that will determine the winner in each separate category. Those winners will walk away with a trophy and bragging rights for a year. Please--no store-bought samples: we want to encourage and showcase the long tradition of Basque cooking, and respect those who put an effort into making their own entries.

Participants can be either organizations or individuals. Those interested in participating should contact Valerie Arrechea ( Please help to get the word out!

Buffalo WY NABO-2011 - 08 The 2011 inaugural winners were:

Tripota/Morcilla: San Francisco Basque Cultural Center
Chorizo/Lukainka: Toni Sabarots (Seattle)

judges 2011

It was a "dirty job" but fortunately these Basque men were up to the task of judging.

Winners 2012

2012 winners were (L to R):
Tripota: Mendiko Euskaldun Kluba (Jean Pierre and Anita Izoco)
Chorizo: Gloria Lejardi (Homedale)
Lukainka: Pete Sarratea (Gardnerville)

2015 Winners:

Bernard Etcheverry -

Daniel Arrechea -

Jean Pierre
Jean Pierre Izoco -


2016 Winners:

Lukainka category: Bernard Goyhenetche from the Iparreko Ibarra Basque club
Tripota Category: Marin Sonoma Basque Club


2017 Winners:

Txorizo: Gloria Lejardi
Lukainka: Randy Marton
Tripota: JB Etcheverria, Marin Sonoma Basque Club

Txerriki 2017


2018 Winners:

Txorizo: Eiguren Mendieta Team - Nampa, Idaho
Tripota: Marin Sonoma Basque Association

Txerriki winners 2018


2019 Winners:

Tripota: Pierre Etcharren, Marin Sonoma Basque Association
Lukainka: Billy Bookerberry
Txorizo: Michel Hardoy

Txerriki 2019



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