GatemunduGaztemundu is a Basque Government program for the youth of Basque clubs from around the world since 1996. This offers an opportunity to travel to the Basque country and partake in a two week program. The flights and room and board are paid for by the Basque Government - it's an amazing opportunity.

Gaztemundu 2020

The Basque Government has announced that it is still planning to hold Gaztemundu 2020 in the fall.  Gaztemundu is comprised of a two-week stay in the Basque Country and training in any number of areas.  The program, organized annually by the Basque Government, is for youth between the ages of 18 and 35 from Basque clubs all around the world.  This year, fifteen youth will have the opportunity to travel to Euskal Herria to learn more about Basque cooking while getting to know the country better.  The Governing Council of the Basque Government has given the green light to the 2020 program, although due to the Coronavirus, the specific dates may need to be confirmed later on. The deadline for applications begins the day after the announcement is published in the Official Bulletin of the Basque Country and runs for a month.  We will let you know as soon as this occurs.

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