Chino Basque Picnic

ChinoThe Chino Basque Club is getting ready for its annual picnic this weekend, on Sunday September 3rd. The event will take place at the Chino Fairgrounds and will begin at 10am with mass followed by a BBQ steak lunch. The afternoon will be filled with entertainment provided by the club's Basque dancers and klika, as well as shopping at the various vendors' booths on site. In the evening there will be a BBQ lamb dinner, and a public dance to the music of Holakiki from the Basque Country. If you haven't run out of steam by Monday morning, the Centro Basco will be serving its traditional Basque Breakfast beginning at 10am. For complete details, visit their website.


NABO Pilota Finals

As reported last week, the NABO Pilota Finals will also take place in Chino this weekend. The action will begin at 10am at the Aphessetche Trinquet (7262 Bickmore Ave.) with adult and youth players from Bakersfield, Boise, Chino, and San Francisco competing in pilota, pala and baleen. Throughout the day, Xare workshops will also be held between games. The event will be followed by cocktails, dinner and a dance at the Chino Basque Club. Cost of Saturday night's dinner is $25 for adults and $10 for children.


Berri Txarrak US and Canada Tour
Berri Txarrak

We are pleased to announced that the Basque rock group, Berri Txarrak, is touring the US and Canada once again this year, including stops in cities that have Basque clubs like Montreal, Washington DC, and New York City. Basques in the Denver, CO area, may also want to take advantage of their concert in Fort Collins. This group, formed in 1994, in Lekunberri, Nafarroa has toured all around the world, and has previously played in San Francisco and Reno, among other stops on previous tours. This year's tour will begin on September 5th and will run through the 13th, so if you would like to see them, a complete list of tour dates and venues is available here.








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