Astero Begins

Originally published 03-13-2006 by John M. Ysursa. Neither NABO or the Basque Government is responsible for the following content.


This week NABO commences with its online Basque news & information service.  Astero is the Basque word for weekly.  A good many of us are inundated with Basque news and information in multiple languages, while others are basically incommunicado.  The aim is to go through and filter/condense information.  E-mail notices will be sent out on a weekly basis to highlight an item or two of interest to Basque-Americans. 

These emails are sent to a) all those who previously sent in their emails to the Basque Government to receive their online bulletin and b) NABO officers, delegates and those who provided their emails to Nancy Trevino, our NABO secretary.  The Basque Government may yet commence their own email news service, but at present it was not feasible for them.  Instead, they threw their support behind NABOs effort.  If you would rather not receive these email updates, send a message to remove to

The content disclaimer is this:  while NABO and the Basque Government support this effort, they are not responsible for its content.  The opinions are only those of the editor, John M. Ysursa.  For this reason, the website is also separate from those of NABO and the Basque Government.  I would appreciate your comments and suggestions.  Let's see how this goes.



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