Basque Dance for Weddings and Tributes

There is a long tradition of Basque dance that originated as a way to pay tribute or convey reverence.  Some of these have been extracted and adapted nowadays to add a special Basque touch at weddings or formal events.  

The Agurra or Erreberentzia portion has been extracted from the Gipuzkoan Soka Dantza and adapted for weddings and tributes. In Bizkaia too, the Banango zaharra segment has been taken from the Erregelak or Aurresku and adapted for weddings and tributes.

There is no "one" way of dancing a tribute, but there is a right way and a wrong way:

DIFFERENT VARIATIONS.  Instead of just one there are several variations that are used today at weddings, formal events, etc. [see links below].

RIGHT vs. WRONG WAY.  While a Basque dance can add a nice touch, it needs to have a proper context.  And while there are several variations and different events that might call for such a dance, some people today invent things--with little or no regard for context--and pass it off as being Basque.  So we return to a basic precept:  if you are going to break the rules, at least know the rules.  The following links below are some popular versions of Basque dances that are used at weddings, funerals, tributes, formal events, etc.  Good luck and enjoy!

audioBizkaia Version: Banango Zaharra



audioGipuzkoa Version: Agurra (neskari agurra)

Variation on regular is no turns, so as not to turn back on honored person(s)


Aurresku of Bizkaia

AurreskuClick here to learn more




Foku Musikala


Orson Welles