Ingurutxo from Leitza

The ingurutxo is a genre found mostly in western Nafarroa. It is a social dance and is related to the soka dantza, but is done in pairs. This dance was taught in the United states by Joxema Mendiola as part of NABO's 2009 winter dance workshop.

audio1 - Soka (mutilak)   The boys begin by grasping hands and making a "rope" to go around in a circle.

audio8 - Belauntzingo denak All the boys now dance the belauntzingo to the women

audio2 - Belauntzingo (aurreskuak eta atzeskuak)  The "first hand" and "last hand" dance the belauntzingo to each other.

audio9 - Inguru handi (aurreko eta atzeko bikoteak)  Now just the first and last couple dance around in a circle

audio3 - Soka (neska bila aurreskurentzako) Now after two women have been brought into the circle, the remainder are escorted into the group

audio10 - Inguru handi (denak) & Zubia (atzetik hasita)  Now the whole group dances around in a circle and at the end the tunnel with the last couple going through to be the first.

audio4 - Belauntzingo neskari  Two male dancers escort in a woman, then the "first hand" dances the balauntzingo to her

audio11 - Inguru handi (denak) & Zubia   Repeat the circle and tunnel to return to original couple positions.

audio5 - Soka (neska bila atzeskuarentzako)   Then this is repeated for the "last hand" to dance

audio12 - Inguru txiki (antxurketarekin)  Now the couples dance to each other, using this step called "antxurketarekin"


audio6 - Belauntzingo neskari Soka neska guztien bila  Now the "last hand" dances the belauntzingo to one woman

audio13 - Inguru txiki   Couples now form a large circle for the Fandango & Arin-arin

audio7 - The rest of the women are brought into the circle escorted by the same two men.

14 - Fandango and Arin Arin


Leitza 2004




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