Larrain Dantza: Lizarra, Nafarroa

Although the first part of Larrain Dantza follows the pattern of an Ingurutxo, not all of the rest of the choreography matches the characteristics of a proper ingurutxo. However, this is the genre into which it most closely fits.

Larrain Dantza has been maintained through a very conscious effort of musicians and dance groups.  The current group is Ibai Ega. Larrain Dantza has been chosen as National Basque dance by the Basque dance federation.

Seven Parts:

2.Cadena with Zubiak (reverses order of 1st and last couple and restores it)
3.Fandango (fandango steps with “cancion” in between parts)
5.Jota Vieja (circular form is abandoned, lines form.  “copla” slow parts)
7.Corrida Final



Larrain Dantza with narration in Spanish


Larrain Dantza - 1st Part


Larrain Dantza - 2nd Part





Foku Musikala


Orson Welles