Lapurdiko Ihauteriak

LapurdiThe following dances from Lapurdi are only a few of literally hundreds of folk dances.  They are part of the traditional carnival celebrations that span the Basque region. 

The costumes of the principal performers, the kaskarotak, are varied and colorful.  They wear white shirts and pants adorned with bells and colorful ribbons.

In addition, there are several other characters that take part in the procession.  They include:  the banderari, a black clothed flag bearer; the kotillun-gorriak, colorful characters dressed in red skirts, jackets of white wool, and hats adorned with ribbons to which is attached a red cloth that hides the face; the ponpierak, figures dressed in jester-like costumes of red and blue, also with a decorated hat and a red face cover; the besta-gorri, characters dressed in white trousers, red jackets, and blue colored hats and again a red mask; and finally the jaun-anderia, the lord and his lady, as in other masquerades, the representatives of authority.  These characters, dances, and the carnival procession remained popular until the early 1900s, but by the middle of this century they were disappearing.  Fortunately several groups set about to preserve these unique expressions of folklore.  Following are only a few of the dances from the Lapurdi carnival celebration.





audioZapatain Dantza


Makil Txiki Dantza


Makil Dantza II




Arin Arin


Dantza Luze




Foku Musikala


Orson Welles