Ehun ta Bikoa

Ehun ta bikoa (which means 102) is one of the Soinu Zaharrak decribed by Gipuzkoan dance master and author Juan Inazio Iztueta (1767-1845). The Soinu Zaharrak or old melodies are a set of dances described by Iztueta. They are complicated because of their irregular rhythms and cannot be danced without memorizing the music of each one. Within each unique melody and rhythm the dancer can improvise, but only with steps that fit within that particular musical structure. Ehun ta bikoa consists of 102 measures divided in three parts. The first part (which repeats )has 26 beats divided as follows: 4,2,4,6,6,4. The second part (which also repeats) has 12 beats distributed the following way: 6,6. The third part again has 26 beats divided as follows: 4,2,4,6,6,4 and is danced only once.









Foku Musikala


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