Bedaioko Ingurutxo

Although the ingurutxo is a genre found mostly in western Nafarroa, this version is from neighboring Gipuzkoa. It is a social dance and is related to the soka dantza, but is done in pairs. This dance was taught in the United states by Joxema Mendiola as part of NABO's 2009 winter dance workshop.

audio1 - Biribilketa - The group is formed as men and women form into a large group.

audio5 - Inguru Txiki - Women move forward and aurresku moves backward turning on the eighth count.

audio2 - Inguru handi & Zubia - (atzetik hasita).  The group goes around in a semi-circle, then the tunnel with the rear couple coming to the front.

audio6 - Fandango

audio3 - Inguru handi & Zubia - Repeat the semi-circle, then bridge

audio7 - Arin Arin

audio4 - Inguru Txiki - Females remain in place, and the aurresku dances in front of them leading them around in a circle; meanwhile the remaining males go to the center and just speak--pretending they aren't interested in the women.  Aurresku dances backward and women follow him moving forward.

audio8 - Biribilketa





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