San Inazio Help Wanted

Our friends at Boise Euzkaldunak have reached out looking for volunteers for this year’s San Inazio celebration.  This year’s festival will be July 26-28th on Boise’s Basque Block.  They have created a volunteer sign-up sheet on their website, so if you will be in the area and can help out, please sign up here. The Euzkaldunak Board of Directors is grateful to everyone who makes this event possible.


Gauden Bat Fundraiser

Gauden BatChino’s Gauden Bat Basque Dancers are holding a fundraiser this Saturday July 20th beginning at 4pm at the clubhouse.  The afternoon will include a ton of fun, contests, Mus tournament, dinner, dancing and dessert.  For complete information, please see their flier. RSVPs are appreciated at


Kantari Eguna 2019 in Gardnerville

Kantari EgunaThe Mendiko Euskaldun Cluba in Gardnerville, hosts of this year’s Kantari Eguna, are sending out an invitation to all singers, bertsolaris, and spectators to participate in this year’s event.  The aim of Kantari Eguna is to perpetuate the tradition of Basque song in our communities, and so singers are a vital part of this event’s success.  If you have any questions, please email  Otherwise, see you in Gardnerville On August 10th.

BEO Udaleku Art Project

We also received this note from the Basque Educational Organization:

BEO Udaleku Art ProjectThe Basque Educational Organization (BEO) was excited to sponsor the art project for the Udaleku campers for the first time this year! The kids were given a canvas to paint whatever they wanted, as long as it reflected what either Udaleku or being Basque meant to them. They were all amazing, each one taking their time and staying focused, encouraging one another with positive feedback, and really enjoying one another’s company in the process. All of the positivity showed in their work. These were displayed as one art installation at the final performance.

While many campers took their pieces home, the BEO will be creating something with the remaining canvases. The purpose of the project was to keep these as a moving piece so when the kids return to the Basque Cultural Center in San Francisco, where the BEO currently has their library, they’ll be able to see their work again. For those of you who took your pieces home: if you’re ever interested in returning the artwork for safe-keeping, please contact or for more information. We expect to have the display up by the October festivities at the SFBCC. Please stop by to check out their work.

We look forward to working with the future hosts for Udaleku by sponsoring an art or culture project. The BEO is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to honor the Basque culture by celebrating its history and rich tradition in the arts. To learn more, visit

On behalf of everyone at NABO we would like to thank the BEO for its generosity - mil esker!

The canvases can be seen here, or if you’d like to get a better feel for what Udaleku 2019 was like, please enjoy this video by Jean Paul and Elizabeth Barthe. Zorionak deneri!



RenoReno Basque Festival

Don’t forget, if you are in the Reno area, the Zazpiak Bat Basque Club is hosting its 52nd Annual Basque Festival on Saturday, July 20th.  For complete information, click here.



Bertsolaritza Videos


Foku Musikala