Grace Mainvil Scholarship Winner: Josu Colburn Arrubarrena

Josu The Grace Mainvil Scholarship was created by her family to help those youth in their last year of eligibility of Udaleku (16 years of age by September following Udaleku) in honor of Grace who served 28 years as NABO’s treasurer.  This year’s recipient is Josu Colburn Arrubarena.  Josu received the award at this year’s final performance in San Francisco from the hands of Grace’s husband and daughter, John Mainvil and Linda Fischer.  As this year’s winner, Josu was reimbursed his tuition fee for this year’s Udaleku, and his application videois available here and below. Zorionak Josu!



Running of the Bars

Running of the BarsThe Basque Museum invites everyone to join them this Friday, July 12th at 6pm for its 5th annual Running of the Bars, in honor of San Fermin.  This Basque themed bar crawl allows participants to visit various establishments enjoying food, drink, music and more.  Tickets are $25 now, $30 on the day of the event and are available for purchase here.

Reno Basque Festival

Reno FestivalReno’s Zazpiak Bat Basque Club will celebrate its 52nd Annual Basque Festival on Saturday, July 20th at Wingfield Park in downtown Reno.  Festivities begin at 9:30am with mass celebrated by Aita Antton Egiguren, followed by dance performances by the local Zazpiak Bat Dancers, the Irrintzi Dancers from Winnemucca and the Elko Ariñak Dancers.  These performances will be interspersed between herri kirolak (weightlifting and woodchopping) exhibition as well as a Txinga (weight-carrying competition) in the afternoon.  There will also be a lot of good food, beverages and vendor booths to browse throughout the day. Saturday night, there will be a public dance at the Depot, beginning at 8pm to the music of Mercedes Mendive.  For complete information visit them on Facebook.




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