Tripota in Gardnerville

This Sunday the Mendiko Euskaldun Cluba in Gardnerville, NV will host its annual Tripota Jatea at the JT Basque Restaurant.  This event is free for members.  Doors will open at 11am with lunch at 1pm.  Come enjoy some wonderful homemade Tripota, or chicken if you prefer, and enjoy an afternoon with other club members and friends.  For more information, visit them on Facebook.


Fermin Ezkieta's Search Continues

EzkietaAs we published in 2013, Fermin Ezkieta continues his search to find the fourth escapee from the San Cristobal fortress in mount Ezkaba, near Pamplona.  Ezkieta believes that this man may have made his way to California and started a logging truck company.  He has again asked that we share this information in hopes that someone will be able to identify the fourth fugitive.  To read the entire story, click here.  If you have any useful information, please email


Bayonne Ham

Bayonne Ham If you were wondering where you could find more information on Bayonne Ham in the USA, look no more…The Bayonne Ham Council’s latest newsletter if now available here. This latest issue includes news about December and January activities, as well as links to read about the expansion of Bayonne Ham in the US. On egin!



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