Fermin Ezkieta

WantedThis week author, Fermin Ezkieta, forwarded a notice to us regarding the search for the last escapee from the Ezkaba fort, also known as the San Cristobal fort, in 1938. The theory is that one of the four escapees was successful and may have ended up in the US. If you feel that you can contribute to this research, please contact him via email at: For more information please see his flier.

Ocafrain Family

We would also like to share a clip of the Ocafrain Family reunion this summer in Banca. Twelve children in all, seven of the eight brothers left their home for California in the 1950s, all for different periods of time, but have all found their way back this summer. One hundred and fifteen of them gathered on July 13 with only 20 or so missing. I know that it has already made its way onto Facebook but for those of you who haven't seen it, here you go: Ocafrain Family. Even if you don't speak French, the images tell the story. Biba zuek!

Elkar Song of the Month

September's song of the month is "Ingrat baten maitatzeak" by Oskorri from their Ura album. To download it or to read more about it: here.



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