Upcoming Kantari Eguna in Los Banos

Kantari EgunaWe were alerted by our friends at the Los Banos Basque Club that there is an error in this year's calendar in regards to Kantari Eguna. This year's Kantari Eguna will be held in conjunction with the Fall NABO Meeting in Los Banos on October 20 th , not in Rocklin, CA on the 13th as it appears in the calendar. Kantari will be held at the Los Banos Fairgrounds Exhibit building in conjunction with the club's Fall Besta that has also been pushed back to October expressly for this occasion. We will be publishing more information as the date nears.


Udaleku 2018

UdalekuOn Sunday, July 8 th, this year's Udaleku kicked-off in Reno, NV. This year's camp, hosted by the Zazpiak Bat Basque Club welcomed 100 kids from Basque clubs in 7 different states, two campers from Vancouver, Canada and three others from the Basque Country. This year's theme is again Bizkaia, and we are so excited to be welcoming back a wonderful team of instructors, as well as welcome some new ones. We are thrilled to have Eneko Espino (Txistu) and his wife Aihnoa Marauri (Euskera) who will be accompanying Ane Albisu in the Euskera classes. Ane is Jexux Larrea's wife (Dantza) and Lisa Corcostegui will again be teaching Kultura. Monique Flesher will be teaching Mus and Jessica Moulia, aided by Basque Government intern, Iñigo Medina, will teach Frontball a new modality of pilota. Kate Camino is serving as camp director with the help of Dominica Zubillaga on housing and Ann Rosevear in the kitchen, along with many other volunteers and friends. Besides learning more about their Basque culture and making new friends, the children are also learning more about the surrounding communities. They will tour UNR including stops at the Center for Basque Studies and USAC, followed by a visit to the Sheepherder's Monument at Rancho San Rafael Park, and a visit to the sheep camp exhibit at the Great Basin Adventure located at the park. While at the exhibit, they will enjoy hearing from Iñaki Asueta, former pilotari, and Janet Inda, about their experiences coming to America as a Jai-Alai player, and growing up on a sheep ranch respectively. On Saturday, they will tour Gardnerville and Genoa and enjoy a walking tour guided by Anita Izoco who will speak to the children about the boarding houses there. After lunch at the JT, the kids will then board the buses and travel to Genoa where they will spend the afternoon at the Lekumberry ranch. Organizers would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has made this camp possible. Udaleku wouldn't be possible without the generous contributions, financial, and in kind, made by so many in the community. We would also like to acknowledge the generour grant received from the Nevada Humanities Council. Eskerrik Asko Bihotzez! Please join us for the camp's final performance on July 20 th at St. John's Presbyterian Church. More information available on the Zazpiak Bat website here.


Film of the Month

Last LinkNABO's Basque Film Library or Filmategi, is where member club's can find films to show at events, or even for home viewing. This year's calendar features a film every month from this collection and July's film is The Last Link. This documentary looks at sheepherding, both past and present, and the lives of the sheepherders themselves. Filmed in both the US and the Basque Country, the film follows two Caminos through the ups and downs of the sheep industry. To see a trailer of the film and for more information on how to get a copy for your club, visit the NABO Filmategi here.




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