2018 Featured Films

NABO Filmategi

NABO has a Basque film library where you can borrow films for events at your club or for viewing at home.  The DVD's come with English subtitles and will play on U.S. DVD / Blu-ray players. If you are interested please send an email to with the film you are interested in. The following films are featured in the 2018 NABO calendar.


January - La Buena Nueva


February - The Last Passage


March - Amama

AMAMA Trailer (ENG) from ATERA FILMS on Vimeo.

April - Gernika


May - Loreak


June - Kutsidazu Bidea, Ixabel


July - The Last Link


August - Obaba


September - Carol's Journey


October - Nomadak Tx


November - Vacas


December - Bertsolari


BERTSOLARI Trailer from txintxua on Vimeo.



Learn Basque


Foku Musikala


Agur Etxebeste