Fresno Basque Festival

FresnoThe Fresno Basque Club is hosting its annual Basque festival this Saturday, May 5th at Rancho Vista del Rio.  Doors open at 9am with festivities beginning at 11am with mass, followed by a lamb barbecue served at 1pm.  Cost of the lunch is $20 for adults and $10 for children 12 and under.  The afternoon will be filled with a parade, and Basque dance and Klika performances.  There will also be Chorizo sandwiches served at 5pm.  After the festival, there will be a public dance to the music of the Jean Flesher Band, at the Santa Fe Basque Restaurant. The Santa Fe will also be the site for a Basque breakfast on Sunday morning.  For complete information including directions to the festival, click on their flier here.


Iparreko Ibarra Mus Tournament

Iparreko IbarraThe Iparreko Ibarra Basque Club will host its annual Mus Tournament on Saturday May 12th at a new location: the Rocklin Event Center (2650 Sunset Blvd.).  Tournament registration will begin at 8:30am and cost to participate is $30 per player that includes lunch.  Tournament fees, as well as club membership will be payable at the door.  As always, membership is required to participate.  Lunch will be served at noon, and everyone is invited to join in.  For complete information, including directions to the convention center, click on their flier here.


Los Banos Euskara Success Story

Los Banos Euskara

Christine Barbot EtchepareAitor Iñarra, NABO Euskera Coordinator, shared this letter with us from Christine Barbot Etchepare, Basque teacher in Los Banos, California.  Christine is one of the many individuals who have dedicated their time and efforts in an attempt to perpetuate the Basque language in our various Basque communities.  Christine’s audience is a little different though, because she is currently teaching children.  To learn more about what she does, click here.  If you are interested in learning Basque, click here to see if classes are being offered at a club near you.  On behalf of everyone at NABO, a heartfelt Eskerrik Asko to all of the teachers and students!  



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