Club Essentials: Time, treasure, Talent

Most of our Basque communities revolve around a Basque club, all of which depend on volunteers to keep that club going. Accordingly these clubs depend on three key essentials: one's willingness to give of their time, treasure & talent.

TIME is essential because Basque clubs are volunteer organizations. Without people willing to give of their time, there is no Basque festival for example. Someone has to prepare the food, set up tables, etc. Their work is essential. But time is important not just for the necessary workers, but also for those who decide to go to a Basque event. All the work to put on a Basque event isn't rewarded if no one shows up for the party. So we need both of them: the people who give of their time to work and the people who choose to spend their time at Basque events.

TREASURE in this case goes to money. Now while money isn't everything, it still plays a significant role in the perpetuation of a Basque club because there are always expenses. Clubs that have clubhouse buildings have constant monetary demands from utility bills to roof repairs, etc. Clubs without their own place oftentimes have to rent space for some of their events. The hope is that the donor knows that their financial contribution is going to support efforts to keep Basque culture going.

Then what adds the final key dimension to a club is the TALENT of the members—those who cook & clean, paint & build, sing & dance, and generally find ways to help each other in this common cause to keep our traditions alive for future generations.
A Basque club requires a shared mindset on the part of an active some to commit themselves to the preservation of Basqueness--being Basque. Frankly, this is getting harder and harder all the time. For Basqueness to survive it will require the ongoing contributions of time, treasure & talent. It will require an enduring commitment, for example, to following NABO's motto:

Izan zirelako, gara, eta garelako izango dira
"Because they were, we are, and because we are, they will be"





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