Euskara (Basque Language) for Kids

Different Basque communities are working with different programs to teach their children Euskara. In Boise, their effort is highlighted with their Boise Ikastola. In San Francisco, meanwhile, there are weekly gatherings with Goiz Eskola. Other communities are also endeavoring to promote the language to children through their dance groups. Inquire as to whether your club has something going already. This website will continue to add new resources.

Txildren's Txoko: is the page from the Ontario Oregon Basque Club for kids

Teaching Basque to Kids: by Axun Azurza

Kids' Lessons from the NABO Euskara Page

Every year N.A.B.O. sponsors Udaleku (summer Basque culture camp) event that is hosted by rotating Basque clubs. Included is an introduction to the Basque language.







Learn Basque


Foku Musikala


Agur Etxebeste