This position no longer exists

NABO was founded in 1973 with the intent of helping its member organizations to assist each other in the pursuit of the same objective: the perpetuation of "Basqueness" (Basque culture and identity). A crucial element in all of this is the effectiveness of communication.

What is being requested: one person from your NABO member organization that would serve at least one year (Jan-Dec., & hopefully longer) relaying messages to the relevant person or persons in your community (eg., Mus news for your mus coordinator, Udaleku news for your youth dance teachers, etc.).

Our new strength is also our weakness. While we have a significant email communication list that continues to grow, it becomes easier for people to disregard matters because they can assume that someone else on the mailing email list will take care of things. It is important to note that the communicator is not expected to do everything. Rather, what is hoped is that this person can help to facilitate communication among ourselves: between NABO and its members, and among members from club to club as well.

If you can identify someone in your organization that would be willing to serve as your "komunikatzailea," please get in contact with NABO at







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