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Chino Basque ClubThe Chino Basque Club will celebrate its annual Memorial Mass, Beti Gure Bihotzetan, on November 23rd at the Chino Basque clubhouse at 10 am with Aita Altuna celebrating. This mass is to "show gratitude and respect for those who have contributed greatly to our Basque Community." Mass will be followed by a Tripota lunch where friends can get together to share stories and reminisce about their loved ones and friends. For more information contact the CBC:


NekaturIf you are planning a trip to the Basque Country and are looking for lodging maybe Nekatur can help. They provide rural guesthouse and farmhouse accommodation with nearly 300 establishments to choose from. If you want to change it up a bit, not stay with family, or in a hotel this may be the way to go. Bidaia on!

CBS Book of the Month

Literary HistoryThe Center for Basque Studies book of the month is Basque Literary History edited and with a preface by Mari Jose Olaziregi. "This book provides an overview of the evolution of Basque literature, the socio-historical events that marked it, and the place it holds in Basque society." For further information or to order a copy, click here.





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