World Mus Championship

This year's International Mus Tournament was held in Cancun, Mexico October 19th through the 26th. Final games were played on Sunday with one of Mexico's teams, Jose Iraizoz and Juan Jose Echenique coming in first. As the hosting country, Mexico was entitled to two teams. Coming in second was Venezuela, Jose Luis Ramos and Mariano LarraƱaga, and third place went to Euskadi, Edurne Blanco Laborda and Lorenzo Gonzalez. Team USA, brothers Darren and Tony Uranga came in a very respectable fourth at their first trip to the international tournament. For pictures and complete tournament score card visit their Facebook page.

World Mus 2014
Tony (far left) and Darren Uranga (far right) receiving their fourth place prizes photo

EuskaletxeakThe team at sent word that they have recently added 3,700 new photos to their digital archive. As many may already know, the digital archive includes thousands of pictures of activities carried out in the Basque Diaspora. Photos are categorized by collection, club, country, event etc. to facilitate navigation. If you would like to add your photos to the collection simply email them to or send them to their Facebook page with a brief explanation, place, event, etc.


Discover the Basque Country

Discover the Basque CountryWe also received word from Canadian filmmakers Amy Arnold and Etienne Trepanier, about the launch of a multimedia portal Discover the Basque Country. The site includes a wide range of products including a feature-length film, The Basque Country: A Nation without Borders that was produced in collaboration with the Euskaldunak Quebec Basque Club. The filmmakers hope to present a "North American perspective on this resilient European society."






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