Basque Government Grants

Basque GovernmentThe call for Basque Government Grants for Basque Clubs was published in the Official Bulletin of the Basque Country on October 11th which opens the application period from October 11th-November 10th. This year there have been some changes in the grants, including project criteria and pay schedules. These changes are available in English here, along with the complete resolution including grant applications in Basque and Spanish. Applications may be emailed to as soon as it is complete, in hopes of expediting the first payment. Paper copies should then be mailed to the Basque Government directly or to the US Delegation in New York.


International Mus

MusThis year's International Mus Tournament, hosted by Mexico City's Basque Club, gets underway on October 19th at the Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort in Cancun Mexico. The event will run through October 26th and will include an abundance of Mus along with tours of the area, much comradery and a great time had by all. Teams from 13 countries will be competing including NABO's representatives from Homedale, ID Darren and Tony Uranga accompanied by Pierre Etcharren delegate. For complete information on the tournament click here.


VeyrinCBS Title of the Month

The Center for Basque Studies October title of the month is The Basques of Lapurdi, Zuberoa, and Lower Navarre: Their History and Their Traditions by Philipp Veyrin. This book was first published at the height of World War II, and is a unique testimony to a disappearing world: the traditional ways of the Basques of Iparralde. For more information on the book, or to order a copy visit the Center's website.





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