San FranciscoSan Francisco's Euskal Etxeko Jaialdia

The San Francisco Basque Cultural Center will be celebrating its "Euskal Etxeko Jaialdia" on August 23-24th. This year, besides the usual festivities, this year's the event will also include a book presentation by Pulitzer Prize Winner, Warren Lerude who will be presenting his latest book Robert Laxalt: Story of a Storyteller published by the Center for Basque Studies at UNR. The weekend's entertainment will also include dancing to the Kiki Bordatxo band from the Basque Country, and a Northern/Southern California Pilota competition. For full information, including how to RSVP click here, and remember all reservations must be made by August 19th.


Basque Language Flash Cards Online

flashcardWe also learned this week, thanks to our friend Henar Chico on her blog "A Basque from Boise" that the full set of flashcards from the first book of Euskara Munduan is now available online free of charge. These are great for anyone taking Basque classes, or someone just needing a little extra practice. To read Henar's post as well as find the links to these great tools click here. The sample below is from the module for clothing:



Gasteiz Txistulariak concert

GasteizWe were also contacted by our good Udaleku friend, Eneko Espino, who has taught Txistu at many camps over the years. Now it's his turn to perform, playing the bass this time, with the Gasteiz Txistulariak at a concert that will be aired today, Thursday August 7th, at 23:25 Basque Country time, or 2:25pm PST on both ETB1 and ETBSat. The concert is part of the festivities of the Gasteizko Jaiak. If you'd like to tune in visit EITB. If you're unable to hear it today, no worries, since it will also be made available online afterwards.






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