Reno Zazpiak BatReno Basque Festival

We are in the thick of festival season and this weekend it's the Reno Zazpiak Bat Basque club's turn to celebrate its 47th Annual Basque Festival. The festivities will begin on Friday, July 18th at the Ceol Irish Pub with a kickoff featuring "Amuma Says No" from 8pm-Midnight. Saturday's events will begin at 10am at Wingfield Park (1st & Arlington Streets – Reno) with dance performances by the local Zazpiak Bat dancers led by Jennifer & Marylou Etcheberry and Mariluz Garcia and the Winnemucca Irrintzi dancers. Dancing will be followed by Bertsolari, weight lifting, and wood chopping exhibitions as well as a Bota and Irrintzi contest. There will be a Txinga competition that is open to the public, as well of lots of great food and libations until 4pm. There will then be a public dance again to the music of "Amuma Says No" from 6-10pm at the Winfield Amphitheater. The festival is free and open to the public. For complete information visit Zazpiak Bat online. Ongi pasa!

San Inazio Festival

San InazioNext weekend marks Boise Euzkaldunak's San Inazio festivities, July25-27, 2014. The event will begin on Friday with Friends and Family Night at the Basque Center starting at 5:30pm. Please bring your favorite pintxo (appetizer) to share. There will also be pala games played throughout the day to qualify for Saturday's tournament. Saturday's events will begin at 11am and will include dance performance by local Basque club dance groups and the Oinkaris along with a performance by the Txantxangorriak accordion and pandero group, and a Soka Tira between the Boise Fire and Police departments. Mass will be held on Saturday evening complete with the Oñati dancers followed by a street dance to the music of "Amuma Says No." Sunday will run from 11am-5pm at the Municipal Park and will include games for the kids and the young at heart. For complete information visit Euzkaldunak's website. Oso ondo pasa!



We have also heard from our friends at Eusko Ikaskuntza Iparralde that their project, Eusko-Diaspora, is now up and ready for business. Delegates at the Bakersfield NABO meeting were first introduced to the project in May by Maialen Zamponi accompanied by Dr. Argitxu Camus Etchecopar. The Eusko-Diaspora project hopes to provide a platform for people to make contacts and share with others in the Basque Country, or the Diaspora, as the case may be. Its goal is, "To foster communication and solidarity within the whole of the Basque Community and to build lasting ties within it." The website provides users the opportunity to seek lodging, employment opportunities, to share community events or create exchanges with cultural associations, among other things. The website is also available in the four main languages of the Basque community – Basque, English, French and Spanish so go check it out.






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