Udaleku 2014

UdalekuSunday June 22nd marks the start of this year's Udaleku, NABO's kid's Basque culture camp, being hosted this year by Elko's Euzkaldunak. Sixty-five kids, seven instructors, numerous aides and volunteers will now call Elko their home for the next two weeks. During this time kids will be instructed in various areas of Basque culture, dance, txistu, culture, language, pala/pilota, and mus. Once again NABO is fortunate to have a wonderful team of instructors on hand including Eneko Espino (txistu), Jexux Larrea (dance), Lisa Corcostegui (culture), Monique Flesher (mus), Anita Franzoia (language), Christian Indaburu and Christian Curutchague (pala/pilota). Elko native, Teresa Franzoia will be directing camp along with the help of Udaleku veteran Bob Echeverria, club president Ramon Zugazaga, and the entire club board of directors and many more volunteers. Kids will be housed with local families and will also enjoy outings to local mines, to Lamoille, bowling and swimming. Oso ondo pasa!


KilometroakWe were also contacted by the organizers of this year's Kilometroak Festival/Fund Raiser. Kilometroak is an annual fund raiser for Ikastola's (Basque language schools) in Gipuzkoa that is held the first Sunday in October. It is a volunteer walk of 5-10 kilometers that includes food, and entertainment along the route. In an effort to raise more money at this year's event, organizers have also put together a raffle "Gure Zozketa." They have 100,000 pocket calendars for sale for 5 euros each, everyone who purchases one, will then be entered in a raffle for 60,000 Euros (approximately $81,396.77). If you want to participate please go to their website. For further information or if you have questions please email: Sorte on!

American Lamb


In keeping with the Basque/sheep industry in the US theme, I want to share another story about the Olagaray Family in Lodi, CA and their sheep operation that will soon be in the hands of the third generation of this Basque family. Watch the video above or click here, and for more information on American Lamb, visit its website.






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