The New England Basque Club

New England Basque ClubWe would like to share news from the newly renamed New England Basque Club, formerly known as the Rhode Island Basque club. Roberto Guerenabarrena, club president, let us know that the club decided to change its name to better reflect its current membership that includes individuals from various North Eastern states. From now on, the club will also conduct meetings in three main locations annually, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island to also facilitate member attendance at its yearly activities. He assures that annual joint activities will also take place so that members "from the three 'branches' can take part and celebrate Basqueness and the Basque Culture in its various forms." For more information please visit or email: Zorionak!

Echevarriatik-Etxeberriara Documentary

Echeverriatik-Etxeberriara Ander Iriarte, director of the documentary Echeverriatik-Etxeberriara will be presenting his work next week in the US at three NABO organizations: the Center for Basque Studies, the BEO, and at the Boise Basque Museum. The documentary, investigates the impact that various forms of violence has had on the Basque Nationalist Left Movement and was done using testimonies of residents of Oiarztun, Gipuzkoa, as well as other experts including Dr. Joseba Zulaika from the CBS at the University of Nevada, Reno. Iriarte will be presenting the film at each venue thanks to the collaboration of these three entities and NABO. Each screening will be followed by a Q&A with the director. For details on the event in your area, please check their websites.

Ttattola Gaztetxea

Ttattola HazparneWe have also been contacted by the Ttattola Gaztetxea in Hazparne, who will be celebrating its 12th anniversary on May 17th. As part of the celebration, they are asking Basque club members to make a small video saying "Zorionak" or "Happy Birthday" to them. All videos collected will be compiled and shown during their celebration to demonstrate that there are Basques all over the world today. If you would like to participate please email them at: or visit their website.






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