Basque Studies at Boise State University

BogaBasque Studies at Boise State has been hard at it and let us know about exciting things happening there. First of all, it has published BOGA Volume 1, Issue 2 featuring articles by Basque scholars here and abroad. It has also opened the call for papers for its next issue. Submitters must hold a graduate degree, and own the copyright of the submission, or must be authorized to do so. Submissions may be made here by July 1, 2014. They also announced a Basque Literary Writing Contest. The contest is non-academic and is open to anyone writing on any Basque subject in English. Complete information available here.


Aberri Eguna Contest

Euskara JendeaThe Basque Government is sponsoring an Aberri Eguna (Day of the Basque Homeland) contest, and invites all Basques in the Diaspora, who celebrate Aberri Eguna, to submit photos or videos showing how you celebrate in your community. Submissions will be accepted from April 20-28, 2014 on their Facebook page. The three top photos or videos will be awarded prizes including: Euskara jendea: gure hizkuntzaren historia, gure historiaren hizkuntza (Basques, their Language through History) written by Juan Carlos Etxegoien "Xamar," as well as Euskara Jendea a six chapter documentary based on the same book and co-produced by the Zenbat Gara Cultural Association. Winners will be announced on April 29th also on Facebook. Sorte on!


Basque Culinary Center Seeks Information

Basque Culinary CenterWe also received word from the Basque Culinary Center, in Donostia about a new project they need help with. They are trying to compile information about Basque Restaurants and Chefs here. Requested information includes: restaurant name, owner's name, contact information (email or telephone) as well as any other information deemed helpful. If you are willing to share information about restaurants and chefs in your area, please email Ibon Garmendia, Project Manager at:






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