Los Banos 50th Anniversary

Los BanosBasque club festival season will soon be upon us and so we want to let you know about a very special celebration that will take place in Los Banos this year. The Los Banos Basque Club will be celebrating its 50th Anniversary and has planned a two-day event to commemorate its accomplishments. The event will take place on May 17th and 18th complete with Mus tournament, Kantu Afaria with Noka and Joseba Etxarri, followed by a public dance to the music of Luhartz. Sunday will include mass, lunch, dance and sports exhibitions, and another opportunity to enjoy Luhartz. For more information or to make reservations contact Lbbasque@gmailcom. Click here to see their flier. Bejondeizula Los Banos!

NABO Pilota

NABO Pilota chair, Evelyne Etcharren, also let us know that the NABO Pilota Finals will take place this year in conjunction with the NABO convention in Bakersfield on May 23rd – 24th. Semi-finals, if warranted, will take place on Friday with finals taking place on Saturday from 7:30-4pm. Names of the players representing various clubs need to be reported to Evelyne by Friday May 9th. It is imperative that everyone respect the deadline so that the schedule of play can be posted ASAP. There is also a possibility of holding a Gazteak final in Eskuz or Paleta Goma if there is enough interest. The following categories will be offered for adults:

Class A Paleta Goma
Class B Paleta Goma
Veterans Paleta Goma
Class A Eskuz Singles
Class A Eskuz Doubles
Class B Eskuz Doubles
Paleta Cuero

Paleta Goma

For further information contact Evelyne via email

New Research Fellowship at the University of Nevada, Reno

Jon Bilbao ChairAt a press conference yesterday, the Etxepare Basque Institute announced the establishment of the Jon Bilbao Research Fellow at the Center for Basque Studies at the University of Nevada, Reno.  The first incumbent, beginning this month, is Dr. Pedro J. Oiarzabal from the University of Deusto.  Dr. Oiarzabal will conduct a research project entitled, “Memoria Bizia: The Basque Diaspora Oral Heritage Project, 2014-2016. The United States of America and Canada.”  During his tenure Dr. Oiarzabal will be working with Basque communities in hopes of gathering and preserving oral testimonies of the immigrant generation, and their descendants.  The program was made possible by the cooperation of various entities including the Basque Government, NABO, the University of Deusto, The Board of Regents of the Nevada System of Higher Education, as well of the Etxepare Institute of course.  This is the fifth program established by the Institute in various universities around the world.  The creation of the Fellow also coincides with Jon Bilbao’s 100th Birthday who was instrumental in the creation of the Basque Studies Library at UNR.  To read more visit Zorionak dener!






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