New Basque Films

The world of Basque cinema continues to grow at a steady rate.  There are several Basques films in the making or soon to debut.  Here are some of these new productions to check out:

Film:  To Say Goodbye
An animated documentary about the 4000 children who were evacuated from Santurtzi after the bombing of Gernika in 1937 during the Spanish Civil War.


Film:  Gazta Zati Bat
It presents the Basque conflict in a new/ innovative way: it gives us a closed idea of the big facts, it tells us the story with small print, from the proximity/ closeness, the intimacy and the humor.

A PIECE OF CHEESE - ENGLISH VERSION from Gazta zati bat on Vimeo.

The time is come!

Film:  Gartxot
A story of a minstrel sent into exile by the new Abbot to capture his only son. The child escapes and sings again beside his father. Their songs become a symbol of the struggle against oppression.




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