Basque Oral History Workshop

In conjunction with NABO's "Gurea" program, Pedro Oiarzabal offered a workshop to train people in the interviewing process to capture oral history hosted by the Boise Basque Museum & Cultural Center.  If we don't capture our own Basque stories, who will?

Oral History Workshop
Summer 2012 workshop for oral interviewers hosted by the Basque Museum and Cultural Center (Boise, Idaho). Participants from left to right, Patty A. Miller, Teresa Yragui, Grace Mainvil, Gloria Lejardi, Gina Gridley, Goisalde Jausoro, David Lachiondo, and Izaskun Kortazar.

Conducting the Summer 2012 oral history interview workshop was visiting Basque scholar

PedroPedro J. Oiarzabal, PhD
Pedro Arrupe Human Rights Institute


Dr. Oiarzabal wrote an informative blog post about his Summer 2012 trip the American West Basque Diaspora at

A group of Brooklon Basque youth, circa 1940 could not have imagined the possibilities now available to stay connected with fellow Basques all around the world.  Find out more at Basque Diaspora: Finding a Digital Home story

OVERVIEW.  According to the American Oral History Association, “oral history is a field of study and a method   of  gathering,  preserving  and  interpreting  the voices  and  memories  of  people, communities, and participants in past events. Oral history is both the oldest type of historical inquiry, predating the written word, and one of the most modern, initiated with tape recorders in the 1940s and now using 21st-century digital technologies.” The one-day workshop is aimed at providing an overview of oral history methodology, while giving specific guidance on doing interviews. The workshop is structured around four thematic modules of one and a half hours each. The first module deals with Oral History, the second with the interviewing process, the third one addresses the ethics of conducting oral histories, and the fourth module deals with processing the interview.

Principles and Best Practices for Oral History by the Oral History Association:

Human Subjects by the Oral History Association:


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