Lehendakari Agirre Center

The LAC is named after the first democratically elected president of the Basque Country, Jose Antonio Agirre, who was a professor at Columbia University and thus the center will be a symbol of his legacy both in the United States and the Basque Country.

Presentation Document

Presentation Tour by Juan Jose Ibarretxe

Despite ETA’s violence, Basque People lead the international rankings of health, education and income per capita. Furthermore, today Basque corporations are present worldwide and Basque culture is associated with modernity

The LAC will study and project to the world the strategic decisions that have made this transformation possible and share with other nation and regions wishing to respond similar challenges in innovative ways

Juan Jose IbarretxeThe  former  Basque  President  of  the Basque Community, will present on the newly formed Lehendakari Agirre Center (LAC),  which will be a collaborative project   from Columbia University, George Mason  University and Policy  Research  Centers, seeking the creation of a think tank focused on the international   projection  of  the  Basque People and its extraordinary efforts towards sustainable human development.

Dr. Juan Jose Ibarretxe, the person who led the Basque government for 10 years in which these decisions were made and who has made an academic contribution on the subject in a number of universities in the US, will chair the LAC.

The scope of the center will be to design, manage, develop and participate in multidisciplinary studies and research projects in the US, the Basque Country and throughout the world

The center will be located at the Columbia University campus in New York City, George Mason University in Washington DC and in the Basque Country, with the possibility of reaching agreements with other regions of the world.

Program objectives

•To study and reflect upon the major issues that will affect the Basque Country in the future, offering the best social and institutional response in order to achieve and maintain a sustainable human development

•To build a network with prestigious universities, university departments and institutions worldwide that specialize in fields of research related to the objectives of this center, i.e. economic policy, sustainable development, conflict resolution, self-government, peace building, environment, etc

•To create the “Agirre Program” a network of influential people, both in the Basque Country and internationally, interested in the Basque model for sustainable development and who want to participate in the implementation of this model in international forums



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