Gaztemundu 2012 Application

Eusko JaurlaritzaGaztemundu is a Basque Government program for the youth of Basque clubs from around the world since 1996.  This offers an opportunity to travel to the Basque country and partake in a two week program aimed this year at developing collaborators for the new website of global Basques  The flights, room & board are paid--it's a sweet deal. 


NOIZ|When: Sept. 3-14, 2012
NON|Where:  Euskadi
GAIA|Theme: Euskara instructors
NOR|Who:  Age 18 by 1/1/2012; 20 participants

A hard copy (no email or fax) application in Spanish or Basque (see below) must be received by June 29, 2012 at:

Gaztemundu 2012
Presidencia del Gobierno-Lehendakaritza
Secretaría General de Acción Exterior
c/Navarra numero 2
01007 Vitoria-Gasteiz

Applications are rejected if received after the due date
Further Gaztemundu 2012 info at



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