Gure Aldia: NABO's "Giving Back" Initiative

Gure Aldia means "our turn" and the idea is to try and give back in gratitude for what we have been given.  This two-part initiative is to encourage individuals and member organizations to participate in building a larger sense of community while giving thanks. 

Part I: Bone Marrow Initiative

Part II: Community Appreciation Event

At the Montreal meeting (Oct. 2011) NABO delegates put forth an initiative to encourage member organizations to organize a local event to show appreciation to your non-Basque community. 

Stage 1: Local level.  This event could serve to not only bring together your Basque community for a positive event, but it's a great way to show appreciation to our community.  Some possible ideas of an event could be:


Stage 2:  State level.

Join with other Basque clubs in your state to plan a joint trip to the state capitol.  This could be in conjunction with an existing Basque event, or a stand-alone event.  It's a great way to also connect club to club.

Stage 3:  National level.

Join with other Basque clubs in the country and make a trip to the nation's capital.



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