Urko Menaia: Basque singer tour Summer 2011

Urko MenaiaUrko Menaia is of a new generation of Basque singer/songwriters.  His first album was a collection of traditional songs, while his second includes his own compositions.  He has a passion to keep our language alive in song.

In collaboration with the Basque Government, NABO helped to organize--along with host communities--a series of concerts featuring this Basque singer from Donostia.  The objectives are threefold:  to 1) help animate our Basque community with something out-of-the-ordinary; 2) reveal some of the new Basque artists and their works; and 3) get our area clubs/organizations working together on some joint events. 

These entertainment tours rotate because we try to keep this moving around to try and touch as many communities as we can based on 1) the time that our guests have to travel here and 2) the number of clubs that step up and host. So while it might not be possible to have something every year, perhaps every other year we can help to arrange something for member organizations somewhere nearby, because that's the purpose of N.A.B.O.: to help clubs help themselves to keep Basqueness alive.

Menaia poster

New York


Urko Menaia
Urko singing at "Kantari Eguna" (Gardnerville, NV)




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