Barnetegi: First US Intensive Language Workshop

Boise, Idaho for two weeks of July 2011 is the site for NABO's first barnetegia or intensive learning workshops.  The aim is to facilitate the creation of more Euskara teachers for our club-based language learning programs.

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IzaskunIdaho's capital city of Boise these days welcomes NABO's first barnetegi (which literally means boarding school but in this case it refers to an intensive program).  This is the first organized in the United States for those students who wish to become Euskara instructors and thus meet the demand for existing Euskera classes in North America.

The barnetegi with fifteen students is part of a larger program that aims to prepare participants for a sufficient level of Euskara within four years, reinforcing the lessons they receive throughout the school year with an annual barnetegi.

Students gain the commitment of a four-year period once the exercise for two years as teachers in their respective areas or Euskal Etxea.  Students do not need to pay for their education, provided they comply with their commitment and complete 80% of the assigned task. The training is made possible through the collaboration of HABE (the Basque Government's Basque language learning department).

In the first phase Amaia Zeberio has been providing necessary support for American students, both through email or by Skype.  Amaia works in the barnetegi of Lazkao, Gipuzkoa. It should be noted that so far two of the 15 students have traveled to Lazkao this summer to study and several others plan to make the trip soon.

This first phase of the program "Euskara Munduan" (Euskera in the world) in North America began in September 2010, ending this past June 2011. In addition to this students must attend summer barnetegi for a week.  The second year of the program will start October 2011.

NABO has made a call for new students wishing to start their training period. To participate in this program requires a basic level of Euskera and willingness to work to become a teacher of the language.  Students participating in the Boise barnetegi come from Canada, Nevada, Idaho and Wyoming and will remain in Boise for a week. Lessons are at Boise State University from 9 am to 5 pm.

In the course students review lessons learned along the way and learn and handle new material through games and group activities. The last hour of the day will be used for homework.  Kinku Zinkundegi, HABE coordinator & NABO Euskara coordinator Izaskun Kortazar are responsible for Boise's barnetegi.

Today Monday, a group of exchange students coming from Larrabetzu (Bizkaia), located in Boise will pass by the barnetegi so that future teachers will have an opportunity to "Mintza praktika" (language practice), and to encourage students in their learning process.

The barnetegi ends on July 15 with--of course--a dinner together.  Students will gather at the Leku-Ona Basque restaurant and hold a kantu-Afaria (sing-a-lng dinner). The event is open to the public with singing for all!

More information about general classes of Euskera, or how to join the program by contacting the NABO Euskara coordinator:



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