Proposed Summer Camp for 16-18 year olds

The Rocklin Iparreko Ibarra Basque Club has volunteered to host and run a Summer Camp based on Basque food. The focus of this camp would be hands on instruction on preparing traditional Basque foods such as: chorizo, odolkia, gateau Basque, sheepherders bread, etc. Campers would be responsible for preparing and serving the camp meals. 

Hurry:  The deadline to show if you are interested (that is all they need for now)
is April 10th.  Click on this online survey:

RECREATION.  In addition to learning to cook some great Basque meals, afternoons would be spent taking advantage of the camp and nature - swimming, hiking, fishing, games, and Basque sports such as weight lifting and soka tira. There would be Basque singing around a nightly campfire and mus.  

PURPOSE.  The purpose of this camp would be: 1) To strengthen and bond the relationships already established through Udaleku. 2) To continue the education of what has already been learned. 3) Incorporating other traditions that may not otherwise be introduced or passed down to our new generation of Basques.

campsiteCAMPSITE.  The campsite is situated in the California Sierra Mountains.  There are 8 cabins, each accommodates up to 10 people; each cabin has a full bathroom and there is a shower hut as well.  There is a large dining hall and kitchen as well as bbq and picnic tables.



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